Advantages of girl child education

C topics essay xat. Parents and the community in general need to be sensitized and made aware of the rights of children and in particular the girl-child. However, during group discussions some parents supported early marriage for young girls as a way of avoiding the risk that they might get pregnant out of wedlock and bring shame to the family.

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Empirical modelling of household and family decisions," in J.

Advantages of online education essay

They reason that female education lowers the fertility rate by reducing desired family size and that this, in turn, is because education raises the value of women's economic activities by raising the labour market rewards from going out of the home for work.

The way forward In order to see how more girls can be educated, it is essential to ask what holds them back from gaining education currently. This denies girls the opportunity to explore and experiment with diverse activities and situations outside the home which could be useful to them within the SMT curriculum: A number of ways of carrying out this sensitization and advocacy were suggested.

I t was pointed out that in some cultures, after a certain age, girls are not expected to look men directly in the eye and are expected to appear humble and respectful before their elders. I n other areas of Ghana, girls and women cross over into neighboring countries to carry out trading which is often a lucrative activity.

The teachers felt that these measures would provide motivation for girls to participate more in SMT subjects. First, they suggest the need for public education about the intrinsic and instrumental value of women's education. We live in paternal societies, females should not only have a workplace, but also be able to do work around the house, like cleaning, hoovering, washing, sewing, gardening and obviously cooking.

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Essay on save the girl child in marathi

For example, see the Economic Journal June for a collection of relevant papers. One suggestion was that schools, in conjunction with the relevant ministries in government, should explore and implement flexible arrangements for the payment of school fees. In Ghana for example, it was reported that society regarded those girls who performed well in science as witches or as men-women.

In most developing countries, where typically there is no social security or state pension, male children still provide old age support to their parents but female children do not, any benefits of a daughter's education being reaped by her in-laws.

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Moreover, as mentioned earlier, recent research suggests that a greater proportion of women's cash income than men's is spent on child goods, 17 so that women's education and the consequent increase in women's income would appear to have particular benefits for child quality.

Parents should be made aware that the girl-child has a right to have a say in the issue of her future especially where issues like marriage are concerned.


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Since, as mentioned before, science and mathematics are hierarchical subjects where learning is based on building on previously learnt concepts, it becomes even more difficult to catch up in these subjects and poor performance is almost inevitable. Another issue is that because girls are expected to be obedient and socialized to feel that boys and men are in some ways their superiors, many are vulnerable to physical and sexual harassment and abuse and lack the confidence, skills and knowledge of such situations.

They were also expected to be obedient and subservient to the men.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Woman education

This is plausible given the greater interaction between mother and children in most families since, in most countries, fathers are usually the main earners in the household. Community leaders and other opinion leaders should also be specifically targeted for sensitization and should also be involved in community sensitization and advocacy efforts.

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James barr ames law and morals essay, essays de profitero masculinity in crisis essays. They need to realize that girls require and are entitled to as much time as boys to attend to their academic work.

Many parents therefore find that the opportunity cost of education is too high. Nov 18,  · Home» Save a girl child essay in english» Save a girl child essay in english.

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My favourite movie essay 3 idiots cast essayeur. Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women, as both the Cairo and Beijing conferences affirmed.

It is also an area that offers some of the clearest examples of discrimination women suffer. Among children not attending school there are twice as many girls. Girls’ education leads to increased income, both for individuals and nations as a whole Providing girls one extra year of education beyond the average boosts eventual wages by 10 to 20 per cent.

She pointed to a study by the Department for Education and Skills showing the proportion of A grades achieved at A-level in all-girl independent schools was, on average, 10 per cent higher than.

For sure a young girl or teen, when ready to give birth to a child has higher chances to conceive her pregnancy. This is due to the reason that her body cells are more energetic and physiology of her body allows to conceive the pregnancy well, as compared to an old-age pregnant woman.

Benefits Of All Girls School

The Girl Child was also one of the 12 critical areas of concern raised in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action inconcluding in nine strategic objectives framed as a means of holding governments accountable for girl’s rights.

Advantages of girl child education
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Woman education