Alzheimers disease and dementia essay

Current projections indicate that over 4 million Americans will be suffering from various stages of the disease. Clinical tests will identify, or rule out, treatable causes of memory loss and help to narrow down potential causes, such as Alzheimer's disease. Death[ edit ] Alzheimer's grave in Frankfurt In AugustAlzheimer fell ill on the train on his way to the University of Breslauwhere he had been appointed professor of psychiatry in July The symptoms of the disease tend to be more severe at night.

She rapidly declined to hallucinations and was unable to take care of herself. The woman started experiencing symptoms five years earlier, such as memory loss and trouble reading and writing. There is not yet a cure for this disease but with all the continued research, hopefully in the future, researchers will find one.

Dementia: Symptoms, stages, and types

Almost one out of three household in the United States is affected by AD. What is the time, to the nearest hour. Science is now closer to finding some answers about what may cause AD, and therefore gaining momentum on what may prevent or treat the disease.

Herr Deter made several requests to have his wife moved to a less expensive facility, but Alzheimer intervened in these requests. My grandmother also drove up until her later years, which was not a safe idea for her or other drivers on the road. Brain cell death cannot be reversed, so there is no known cure for degenerative dementia.

What is the year. The death of brain cells cannot be reversed. These theories propose genetic, environmental, viral, immunological, biochemical, and other causes for the disease. This might involve the use of mnemonics and other memory aids such as computerized recall devices.

Trouble completing everyday tasks. Other therapy The need for quality-of-life care becomes more important as the person becomes less able to live independently.

There are four drugs, called cholinesterase inhibitors, approved for use in the U. Never underestimate them the recuperative abilities of the patient; if you see them doing something they are confident in doing themselves, let them do it without any assistance.

Possessing the knowledge that I now have is an advantage in being a preventable measure for me. Vascular dementia also called multi-infarct dementia - resulting from brain cell death caused by conditions such as cerebrovascular diseasefor example, stroke.

The Alzheimer's Association has produced a journey of 16 slides that visualizes what happens in the process of developing Alzheimer's disease. Reversible factors - some dementias can be treated by reversing the effects of underlying causes, including medication interactions, depressionvitamin deficiencies, and thyroid abnormalities.

Clinically, Alzheimer disease is characterized by a progressive deterioration of cognitive and physical status that sometimes begins during middle age presenile dementia but more typically has onset late in life senile dementiawith considerable variability in behavioral manifestation.

Alois Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia Dementia is a gradual deterioration of mental functioning affecting all areas of cognition, including, judgment, language, and memory. An irreversible, progressive condition in which nerve cells in the brain degenerate, and the size of the brain decreases.

Essay on Alzheimers disease Words | 8 Pages. Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia, “a brain disorder that seriously affects a person’s ability to.

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Vascular Dementia and its. Health Promotion - “Health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO). Founded in by a caregiver, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America provides education and support to individuals living with Alzheimer's disease and to their families and caregivers, and funds research toward improved treatments and a cure.

Artist With Alzheimer’s Drew Self Portraits For 5 Years Until He Could Barely Remember His Own Face

Dementia is a collective term used to describe various symptoms of cognitive decline, such as forgetfulness. It is a symptom of several underlying diseases and brain disorders.

Alzheimers disease and dementia essay
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