Cybercrime and its impact on

The emotional impact of cybercrime

No doubt this approach raises a lot of concern because of the unpredictable evolution that the agents may have their own community by supporting open development. Issues such as fraud over the internet and piracy have been facilitated with the internet development ibid.

This has caused the most extensive damage to organizations especially organizations which mostly deal in financial data example banks. Consumer have less trust in the business functions especially online retailing like online shopping, purchases and electronic banking.

This affect is multiplied when cyber crimes not only gives access to financial data of the targeted organization but even its suppliers who may be functioning in another part of the world Grabosky, P A social network for customers, Citadel CRM Store, to allows users to Cybercrime and its impact on active player in the in product development.

There are many reasons for the increase of crimes among teenagers and mostly it is because of irresponsible parents Once an investigator or examiner decides to specialize in cyber-crime, it can take up to 12 months for him or her to become proficient enough to fully manage investigations, as reported by Defense Cyber Crime Center officials.

According to survey conducted by a computer science institute, there has been an increase in financial losses reported by organizations due to cyber fraud in US in the past three consecutive years.

Such a crime is committed by gaining access to the organizations switchboard and making use of call time. In this scenario the fight against cybercrime is really complex and urgent regulations must be internationally recognized and shared, the fight against cybercrime can be conducted only through mutual cooperation of the states involved.

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The main damages are mainly caused by data breach and related costs. One of the greatest actions that companies have now started to take is focus on their IT teams in order to build a strong and secure network and data base.

With the advent of Internet, these crimes have gained an even faster pace. With the development of global business, more data is transferred and shared online through electronic means and hence cyber fraud has been motivated to a dangerous level.

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Cybercrime and its impact on International Business

The conclusion is that industries fall victim to cybercrime, but to different degrees and with different economic impact. The responsible of these crimes are almost never gets caught.

Many countries are a real paradise for cybercrime, which thus finds its natural habitat in which to evolve and organize themselves in a dangerous way. Global organization are making use of further technology to strengthen their systems of information sharing such as their data bases which contains customer information and financial data.

Just the silent mode of this type of crimes is a major problem in combating the threat, in fact, very often the companies realize that they have been victims of frauds or attacks until long after the event occurred. In this market segment cybercrime is very fierce and daily it tries to elude helpless companies that often fail to meet the cyber threat, the related damages are devastating causing in many situations the end of the business.

Cybercrime and its impact on International Business

This has led to many connotations for businesses worldwide; taking better security measures. They must it to enhance relations with business partners, suppliers and customers. This situation greatly complicates the operations of the crime persecution that often bases its headquarter in those countries where the risks of incurring penalties are minimal.

This report is the outcome of the study on Cybercrime and Its Impact in Bangladesh. Commissioned by the Course Instructor of the Business Communication Prof. M. Z. Mamun, this study has been conducted in May /5(13).

Taking into account the broader impact as reported by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), various studies and expert opinions estimate the direct economic impact from cyber-crime to.

There's Nowhere to Hide from the Economics of Cybercrime

The study, titled The Cost of Cyber Crime Study, provides an estimation of the economic impact of cybercrime. It’s sponsored by HP for the fourth consecutive year. It reveals that the cost of cybercrime in escalated 78 percent, while the time necessary to resolve problems has increased by nearly percent in four years.

This report is the outcome of the study on Cybercrime and Its Impact in Bangladesh. Commissioned by the Course Instructor of the Business Communication Prof. M. Z. /5(14). Cyber crime can be referred to any illegal activity that is executed with the help of a computer.

Such kinds of crimes have always been executed ever since the computer technology was. This study examines 10 case studies of publicly traded companies affected by cybercrime, and its impact on marketing activity and shareholder value.

The study also describes some of the major types of cybercrime.

Cybercrime and its impact on
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