Ecosystems and biodiversity essay

On average, there are around seven thousand plant species and a few hundred animal species that human societies have used for human consumption MA For most people it is difficult to establish what they need and what they do not need, and this is where misuse of resources occurs.

Crops are used to feed cattle, then the cattle waste nourishes the crops. This was an affects to the ecosystem because flowers deliver food for bees.

Loss of biodiversity is often times irreversible and can highly affect that specific ecosystem and human societies.

The diversity of basic units of hereditary information genes which are passed down the generations, found within a species is genetic diversity. One step that significantly stands out is step seven. It provides natural services such as soil protection, water resources, pollution breakdown, food, medical resources, and future resources, according to Shah Drugs and medicines are manufactured from various chemicals such as alkaloids, resins, fatty acids, glycosides, essential oils are obtained from medicinal plants.

It has been found to be true Ecosystems and biodiversity essay other taxonomic groups like arts Fig. India has a coastline of about 6, km.

Genetic diversity is the amount of genetic variability among individuals of a single species as also between species.

Thus, all species are equally important for the sustenance of all human and sub-human species. So, human civilizations have developed on the foundation of biodiversity.

Number of species per unit area is called species richness. Himalyas about 42, species and Pennisulai India about 2, species. The protection of wild life becomes of paramount importance for their survival and propagation of race, so man is constantly in search of ways and means of preserving natural areas in their natural conditions to promote the development of wildlife e.

Negligence to effects of the depletion of biodiversity can be compared to knowing there is a bomb that is about to explode and not detonating it. The easily human societies were supported by various species of plants and animals. Gradually, most of them were grown as agriculture.

Due to genetic diversity, population adjusts in its environment and responds to natural selection. Pioneer species should be able to continue to exist under tough conditions. Species diversity is the number of different species of living things living in a particular area and all the differences within and between populations of species, as well as between different species.

The impacts mentioned earlier will undoubtedly affect the precision of ecosystem services to local communities and society in general. For example habitat change that threatens biodiversity is a result of the human action of deforestation.

Drastic changes need to be made if humanity wishes to preserve the remaining resources and decrease the current rate of extinction. Larger trees bring shade and hide smaller tries from sunlight. As plants biodiversity increases they play a role of producersso does diversity of animals they play a role of consumers.

Range of Biological Diversity: This can often result in a chain reaction effect. Consumerism plays a huge part in how we have begun to misuse our resources. It is the most serious threat to wildlife.

Essay on Biodiversity: Top 8 Essays | India | Biodiversity | Biology

It is anticipated that climate change will affect the species composition of many ecosystems, affecting the continuity of ecosystem functioning as a result of a drop in species abundance.

Present paper seeks to provide the comprehensive analysis of ecosystems and biodiversity structure and value for the humanity. The thesis is defended that the balance of ecosystems and maintaining biodiversity are central prerequisites for avoiding the future crisis of biosphere of the Earth.

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Essays On Biodiversity. Biodiversity Ecological Essay Biodiversity is the variety of plant and animal species. Biodiversity is very important to our ecosystem. The biodiversity of species can provide a variety of food such as meat, vegetables, and fruit.

Most of our medicinal drugs come from plants. The periwinkle plant found in Madagascar, helps treat a lot of patients’ cancer.

Essay on the Importance of Biodiversity

Biodiversity: A Measure of the Health of Ecosystems Essay Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, biome, or an entire planet.

Biodiversity is one measure of the health of ecosystems. a.

Essay on the Importance of Biodiversity

Round 1 = In this round I removed lichens from the ecosystems. This would have a huge effect on the ecosystem because they play a role in the creation of soil where plants obtain nutrients. If they are taken out it can affect trees and flowers which affect bees, because they depend on them.

Without the balance between ecosystems, ecosystem services and human societies the equilibrium cannot be maintained and decline in ecosystem life and human life is at stake.

The issue of biodiversity loss and the conservation of biodiversity needs to be conveyed throughout human societies, so humans can begin to make a difference and restore. Biodiversity is required for maintaining and sustainable use of goods and services from ecosystems.

These services are maintenance of gaseous composition in atmosphere, pollination, formation of soil, nutrient cycling, climate control by .

Ecosystems and biodiversity essay
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Essay on Biodiversity: Top 8 Essays | India | Biodiversity | Biology